Young Gamechangers

Our next Young Gamechangers class will begin in January 2022. We will announce the location and open applications in late summer.

If you would like to receive an email when Young Gamechangers applications open, please email with the Subject Name: Add to YG app list. Include your name and email.

Young Gamechangers is more than a traditional leadership program focused on networking; it’s a leadership action program designed to make a tangible impact in select communities by bringing together 50 of Georgia’s brightest minds under the age of 40 into the public sphere as respected idea-generators. Each class works for six to eight months to generate big ideas and recommendations for persistent challenges in a Georgia community which they present to the community at the conclusion of the program.

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Who are Young Gamechangers?

Big-thinkers.  Innovators.  Creative-minded.  Civically-driven. We are looking for innovative thinkers from around Georgia and from multiple sectors, including business, law, public health, real estate, urban planning, the arts, non-profits, foundations and academia. Ambitious minds from any sector will be considered for the program.

How to Become a Young Gamechanger

We are seeking energetic and collaborative big thinkers from every corner of the state between the ages of 25 and 40. Ambitious minds from any professional sector will be considered.


Each Young Gamechanger cohort focuses on a different focus community. Each program has four in-person meetings that are six days total (mandatory for completing the program) including a two-day opening retreat, a two-day midpoint meeting, an internal run through and final recommendations to the community. Additionally, the class will work together virtually over that time.

For example, the mandatory dates of the 2019 Young Gamechangers program were:

  • January 31-February 1
  • March 21-22
  • June 7
  • August 9

Cost to Apply or Participate

The cost to be a member of the program is $500 per participant. Each participant is also responsible for their own travel to and from the focus community for all four meetings.

Location of Next Year’s Program

Due to COVID-19, we will not be hosting a 2020 Young Gamechangers class. We have a fantastic Host Community identified and look forward to opening applications sometime next year.

If you would like to receive an email when Young Gamechangers applications open, please email with the Subject Name: Add to YG app list. Include your name, email, and city.

Implementing Proposals

GeorgiaForward encourages community leaders to select the most promising proposals and work to bring them to life. Our goal is to see one or more of the recommendations implemented. It is up to the local community to prioritize and implement the recommendations. We are proud that at least one recommendation has come to fruition in almost all of the communities that we’ve worked in.

Becoming a Community Host

Young Gamechangers’ success is dependent on support from the host community. GeorgiaForward brings Young Gamechangers to communities that are eager to host this program, have businesses (companies, foundations, governments, individuals, etc) that will help support the program with both monetary and in-kind support and have overarching challenges that realistic solutions can be developed for in a eight-month period.

The host community is responsible for raising a minimum of $75,000 in sponsorship dollars for the program. Up to $25,000 can be in-kind donations in the areas of hotel rooms, meeting space, meals and transportation.

To apply, please email a letter of interest to The letter can come from anyone in the community and must have at least five signatures of support from leaders in your community. The letter should outline community challenges that effect a broad range of citizens as well as address the potential support in your community for the program.