Young Gamechangers (YG) is our flagship program, a unique opportunity for participants to receive not only an education about Georgia and focused leadership development, but also practical, active learning on community and economic development. YG participants finish the program with an in-depth understanding of how to contribute to their own communities, as well as a close-knit network of highly engaged peers across the state of Georgia.

GeorgiaForward Forums are an opportunity for experts from all sectors and industries to have solutions-focused statewide conversations. Taking an expansive and long-term view, experts share their perspectives, pool their technical expertise and proven experience, and challenge one another in search of answers to deceptively simple questions – What should Georgia look like in ten years? What will it take to foster quality of life and opportunity for all of Georgia’s communities?

CCV Series is a set of creative and wide-ranging initiatives that seek to form a healthy, vibrant civic identity for Georgians. It’s a social laboratory to amplify and activate our key values – practicing Civility, pursuing Connection, and building Vision for Georgia. Our most citizen-centric initiatives, the CCV Series includes everything from hosting legislative breakfasts to coauthoring the Georgia Civic Health Index to Oxford-style panel debates. These events foster social cohesion and civil discourse in service of establishing greater civic identity for Georgians.