• Join us for the 2013 Forum as we find ways to strengthen Georgia from within! Click here for more details.

  • Young Gamechangers is an annual program that brings together 30 of Georgia’s young innovators, doers and thinkers. Click here to learn more!

  • GeorgiaForward has made it easy to explore how Georgia’s counties compare with one another on income, economic, public health, water and education data! Explore interactive maps to see what divides us and where we share interests and challenges. Click here.

  • In 2013, GeorgiaForward, the University of Georgia’s Vinson Institute for Government and the Georgia Family Connection Partnership will together release the first ever Georgia Civic Health Index. Click here to learn more.

Toward a Common Vision

GeorgiaForward works to bring leaders together to articulate a common vision for our state, respective of regional strengths and needs and focused on smart, bold actions. Join us.


Georgia's Civic Health Index

How does Georgia stack up on civic engagement?


GeorgiaForward is an independent, non-partisan organization working to improve the state of Georgia by engaging business, political, academic and civil leaders to collaboratively shape a statewide policy agenda.

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