2018 Young Gamechangers Challenge Questions

The 2018 Young Gamechangers are busy working on their “challenge questions” for Albany-Dougherty County. Over the course of eight months, these fifty young professionals will research, brainstorm, think BIG, and think BIGGER to develop creative solutions to these four challenge questions. Stay tuned as they get creative to come up with solutions that work with this community!

Save the Date: Friday, August 10 from 2-4 pm for our Final Recommendations to the Community at Albany State University!

  • In what ways can Albany-Dougherty County grow a sustainable downtown business corridor that will increase the vitality of the community?
  • How can Albany-Dougherty County improve efficiency and effectiveness of the community to meet current and future challenges?
  • How can Albany-Dougherty County leverage existing natural resources to develop a more connected and walkable community?
  • What can Albany-Dougherty County do to grow their talent pipeline and be the hub for innovation and business in Southwest Georgia?