Xe Ross

Stonecrest, GA - City of Stonecrest

Xe’ Ross is the Executive Assistant to the Mayor & Community Engagement Coordinator within the City Manager’s Office for the City of Stonecrest. He brings to the table nearly 5 years of governmental experience. Prior to that he spent a decade and half in the field of education. Xe’ is most focused on building communities forward from all aspects. In Stonecrest, he has been a part of the communications thrust of the city. He is the inaugural creator of the city-wide communication app (STONECREST CONNECT) and he leads the city’s ARPA funded Citizens Academy Program. In Xe’s current roles, he has opportunities to touch and cross paths with all the operational departments of the city. He even leads the city Economic Development Ride-Along Tour of Stonecrest which has exposed many to the production sites, historical and heritage sites, and cultural dining offerings of the city. His most recent guest was that of Rick Ross. On the legislative end, Xe’ works tirelessly with the Mayor to ensure that Stonecrest is kept whole through the legislative session. In 2024, he successfully worked and defeated the worst annexation bill brought forward which only would have impacted the City of Stonecrest and City of South Fulton. Prior to the City of Stonecrest, Xe’ has been affiliated with other various cities to include Forest Park, Riverdale, Jonesboro, and Stockbridge.