Rebecca Covington

Becca Covington was born in Columbus and, with the exception of her college years, has lived there her whole life. She has enjoyed watching Columbus’ growth throughout her life and is dedicated to its future success. Becca is the Director of Communications for the Mayor of Columbus, GA, B.H. “Skip” Henderson III. She has been with the Mayor’s Office for over three years. In her role, she handles and coordinates all communication from the Mayor’s Office. This includes letters, press releases, statements, and proclamations. She also directly corresponds with citizens on behalf of the mayor and handles his social media. As Director of Communications, Becca is involved in discussions about legislative and policy initiatives and how to enact those plans. Prior to going to work for the Mayor’s Office, she served as the Social Media Marketing and Special Event Coordinator for Uptown Columbus, Inc., a nonprofit that is dedicated to Columbus’ downtown area. As the Special Event Coordinator, Becca planned events that brought people from all around Columbus to the Uptown area. She worked with local business and stakeholders in Uptown to make sure that the area remains Columbus’s chief economic and cultural hub.

Through her experience at Uptown and in the Mayor’s Office, she has developed a different appreciation for her city, its citizens, and their needs. In the Mayor’s office, she is fortunate enough to get to talk to citizens from all walks of life about how they experience their city and what improvements they would like to see. She is very excited to take part in the Young Gamechangers. She is looking forward to meeting other civically involved Georgians and hearing how people from other areas in Georgia perceive her city. She firmly believes that open and honest dialogue about “the good, the bad, and the ugly” is key to making positive progress. In her spare time, Becca enjoys making stained glass, gardening, and biking on the RiverWalk and Dragonfly trails.