Zahnay Smoak

Port Wentworth, GA - City of Port Wentworth

Zahnay is the Clerk of Council for the City of Port Wentworth and has been in the position for about two years. In this role she works closely with the City Council Members and City Manager to make sure that the city is staying in accordance with the law when it comes to records, ordinances, contracts and more. She is the youngest City Clerk that Port Wentworth has ever had. She also serves as the secretary for the City of Port Wentworth’s Development Authority Board. Zahnay is a first-Generation college graduate, and she graduated early with her Bachelor’s degree in political science from Georgia Southern University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of West Georgia. As a product of a single parent household Zahnay’ s there were so many people in her life to show that her goals and dreams were obtainable. Now, Zahnay’ s passion has become making sure that children and young adults know how valuable they are no matter their circumstance.