Erica Grier

Valdosta, GA - Georgia Municipal Association

Erica Grier serves as Senior Conference and Events Manager at the Georgia Municipal Association. While specializing in conference and logistics management for GMA’s Annual Convention and Legislative Cities United Summit, Erica’s contributions to GMA and local government extend far beyond her primary responsibilities. She has actively participated in initiatives such as the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing and the Georgia Placemaking Collaborative as well as working with the Georgia House Rural Development Council during its inception. In addition to her role at GMA, Erica serves as the Business Manager for the Georgia City-County Management Association, where she collaborates closely with city and county managers statewide on strategic initiatives benefiting the profession.
Erica earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality from Georgia Southern University and a Master’s in Public Administration from Clemson University. Beyond her professional endeavors, Erica enjoys cooking, playing tennis, flats fishing and spending quality time with her husband, Cole, and their two daughters, Olivia and Audrey.