Georgia Radio News Network talks with Kris Vaughn about 2018 GeorgiaForward Forum

Georgia Radio News Network Reporter John Clark caught up with Kris Vaughn, Executive Director of GeorgiaForward, this week to get the latest news about the upcoming GeorgiaForward Forum in Macon on Oct 10.

You can hear the “Georgia Focus Extra” interview on 65 stations across the statewide radio network this weekend as listed below. Times are subject to change due to the news cycle. 





Call Letters  Frequency   Market                  Local Air Time

WGEX-FM     97.3                Albany                       7:00am/Sun

WOBB-FM     100.3              Albany                       7:00am//Sun

WJIZ-FM        96.3                Albany                       6:00am/Sun

WJYZ-AM      960                 Albany                       7:00am/Sun

WGST-AM     640                 Atlanta                       6:30am/Sun

WWLG-FM    96.7                Atlanta                       7:00am/Sun

WWPW-FM   96.1                Atlanta                       6:00am/Sun

WUBL -FM     94.9                Atlanta                       5:00am/Sun

WRDA-FM     105.7              Atlanta                       7:00am/Sun

WKSP -FM     96.3                Augusta                     7:00am/Sat

WYNF-AM     1340               Augusta                     7:00am/Sun

WEKL-FM      102.3              Augusta                     8:00am/Sun

WBBQ-FM     104.3              Augusta                     7:00am/Sun

WSCG-FM     105.7              Augusta                     7:00am/Sun

WPRW-FM    107.7              Augusta                     11:00pm/Sun

WQGA-FM     103.3              Brunswick                 6:00am/Sun

WYNR-FM     102.5              Brunswick                 6:00pm/Sun

WGIG-AM      1440               Brunswick                 6:00am/Sun

WMOG-AM    1490               Brunswick                 6:00am/Sun

WBGA-FM     96.3                Brunswick                 6:00am/Sun

WGSY-FM     100.1              Columbus                 7:00am/Sun

WSTH-FM     106.1              Columbus                 7:00am/Sun

WAGH-FM     101.3              Columbus                 6:00am/Sun

WBFA-FM     98.3                Columbus                 6:00am/Sun

WVRK-FM     102.9              Columbus                 7:00am/Sun

WHAL-AM     1460               Columbus                 7:00am/Sun

WDAK-AM     540                 Columbus                 6:00am/Sun

WULK-FM     94.7                Crawfordville            5:30am/Sun

WBLJ-AM      1230               Dalton                        7:30am/Sun

WYYU-FM     104.5              Dalton                        7:30am/Sun

WDAL-AM     1430               Dalton                        7:30am/Sun

WDAL-FM     98.3                Dalton                        7:30am/Sun

WMRZ-FM     98.1                Dawson                     7:00am/Sun

WDMG-FM    97.9                Douglas                     6:00am/Sun

WRDO-FM    96.9                Fitzgerald                  6:00am/Sun

WBHB-AM     1240               Fitzgerald                  6:00am/Sun

WDDK-FM     103.9              Greensboro               5:30am/Sun

WHJD-AM     920                 Hazlehurst                6:00am/Sun

WHJD-FM     105.9              Hazlehurst                6:00am/Sun

WQBZ-FM     106.3              Macon                        7:00am/Sun

WIBB-FM       97.9                Macon                        7:00am/Sun

WIHB-FM       96.5                Macon                        7:00am/Sun

WIHB-AM      1280               Macon                        7:00am/Sun

WMGE-AM    1670               Macon                        7:00am/Sun

WRBV-FM     101.7              Macon                        7:00am/Sun

WHKN-FM     94.9                Millen                         10am/Sun

WCOH-AM    1400               Newnan                     7:00am/Sat

WSGT-FM     107.1              Patterson                   7:15am/Sun x

WTKS -AM     1290               Savannah                 8:00am/Sun

WTKS-FM      97.7                Savannah                 8:00am/Sun

WAEV-FM     97.3                Savannah                 7:30am/Sun

WYKZ-FM     98.7                Savannah                 7:00am/Sun

WSEG-AM     1400               Savannah                 6:00am/Sun

WPMX-FM     102.9              Statesboro                 10:00am/Sun

WPTB-AM     850                 Statesboro                 10:00am/Sun

WMCD-FM    107.3              Statesboro                 10:00am/Sun

WWNS-AM    1240               Statesboro                 10:00am/Sun

WZBX-FM     106.5              Statesboro                 10:00am/Sun

WXRS-FM     100.5              Swainsboro               8:05am/Sun

WJAT-AM      800                 Swainsboro               7:05am/Sun

WJAT-FM      99.1                Swainsboro               7:05am/Sun

WGMY-FM    107.1              Thomasville              7:00am/Sun

WWUF-FM    97.7                Waycross                   7:15am/Sun

WCJM-FM     100.9              West Point                12noon/Sun

WPCH-AM    1310               West Point                6:30a/11a Sun

Broadcast days & time subject to change due to the news cycle.