Economic Analysis

In 2018, GeorgiaForward hired Dr. Greg George, Director of the Center for Economic Analysis at Middle Georgia State University to present an independent and unbiased assessment of the Young Gamechangers Project as administered by GeorgiaForward. Read the full report here: GeorgiaForward Economic Impact Study

Economic Assessment of the GeorgiaForward Young Gamechangers Projects

  • ¬†Young Gamechangers has served six different communities across Georgia between 2012 to 2017 and has mobilized over $6.7 million in funding, tax commitments, and donations. Combined, these investments will contribute over $12.1 million in economic activity and up to 126 jobs in the served communities as their recommendations are implemented.
  • Young Gamechangers has contributed proposals that total $33,395,000. If implemented as suggested, the proposals would generate over $60 million in economic activity and support 578 jobs statewide.
  • The above results are to be considered conservative since they do not include quantified quality of life improvements. For example parks, trails and greenspaces add immeasurable benefits to the local community in terms of health, wellness, and a sense of place. Furthermore, educational programs, business incubators and career development initiatives create additional opportunities for growth that are not fully captured by the quantified economic impacts.
  • GeorgiaForward has been active since 2011 and serves as the administrative arm of Young Gamechangers. Based solely on its administrative activities, it has contributed a significant economic impact on the state of Georgia. An analysis of their financial statements indicates GeorgiaForward has contributed $1,482,120 to regional economic activity and has supported 14 economy-wide jobs since 2011.