Angela Ward

Valdosta, GA - Game Changers Marketing, Consulting, and Investments

Born and raised in South Georgia, Angela embodies the essence of a multifaceted entrepreneur, renowned independent talk show host, culture connector, and keynote speaker. Affectionately known as the “Small Business Whisperer,” Angela champions small businesses as the true “Game Changers” and the heartbeat of America. Fuelled by her unwavering passion for their success, she relentlessly pursues knowledge to empower them to thrive in their endeavors. With a significant presence across various social media platforms, Angela has garnered attention for her insightful interviews with prominent figures such as Dr. Matthew Knowles, father of multi-platinum pop icon Beyoncé, Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary for US Housing and Urban Development, Civil Rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson, Ambassador Andrew Young, NAACP Award Winner Tabitha Brown, and numerous others. Through each engaging interaction, she provides an insider’s perspective on innovation and fearlessly delves into issues, prioritizing substance over politics. Continuously evolving in her business and career, Angela has expanded her horizons into the entertainment industry, representing aspiring artists and organizations to facilitate their media exposure. Additionally, she co-produced two impactful documentaries, “The Southside Project” and “The Reformation Project,” further solidifying her commitment to amplifying voices and sparking change. Angela’s unwavering dedication to uplifting others and fostering meaningful connections exemplifies her as a true leader in her field.