Screven, GA - City of Screven

As a boy growing up in Screven, Jason Weaver always had a lot going on. Playing baseball, bagging groceries at the IGA and working summers in his Papa Wilson Rooks’ tobacco patch and hog farm kept him busy. He never dreamed that he’d one day be a mayor – of Screven or any town for that matter. And even as a young adult, it wasn’t on his radar or his bucket list. He attended college at ABAC for a time before deciding to return home and live his life in his favorite place. But things change and life goes on. In 2011, life took a very unexpected turn and things changed dramatically. In September 2011, he felt he was on top of the world. Three months later, his world crashed, literally. While at work, Jason suffered an injury that crushed his lower extremities. He spent the next two years in a wheelchair, traveling to Savannah three days a week for therapy to learn to walk again. With a second chance to find his purpose in life, Jason knew he wanted to give back to his community – in some way – for all they had done for his family during his dark days. When 2017 rolled around and local elections were on the horizon, Jason decided to throw his name in the hat for Mayor of Screven. Probably wouldn’t win, but he’d never know if he didn’t try. And if he did win, this would be a perfect way to fulfill his desire to give back. And win, he did! Once sworn in, he hit the ground running to work on issues that had been plaguing the little city. He kept moving forward one day at a time, getting the city back on track, becoming involved in the community, and making connections all the way to Atlanta and Washington, DC. One of the first things he did at the suggestion of City of Jesup Commissioner Nick Harris was to join the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), the state’s official organization for advocacy, service and training on behalf of the cities of Georgia. Through GMA, Jason began gaining the needed training for his new role and connected with members from other cities throughout the state. He made it a practice to travel to Atlanta to meet with Wayne County’s state legislators and advocate for Screven and Wayne County. Through these visits and connections, Jason made an impact on those he met. Over the next two years he began to receive appointments to boards from the local level all the way up to federal. He currently serves on the Wayne County Tourism Board, the Heart of Georgia Regional Commission Board, GMA’s Legislative Policy Council and Federal Policy Council, the Southeast Georgia Regional Partnership Economic Development Group, and most recently U.S. Congressman Buddy Carter recommended him to serve on the Federal Transportation and Infrastructure Board as representative for Georgia after being suggested by GMA’s Federal Liaison Becky Taylor. In addition, Jason served as GMA’s District 9 President. Most recently he was appointed by Governor Brian Kemp as a member of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board. “One of my favorite parts of this job is working with all the governments in our community and state to make sure our citizens have a wonderful place to work and play.” To that end, he and city staff have hosted events for elected officials to come together for conversation in a casual atmosphere, established community events that included, among other fun stuff, “real” snow for the kids to play in and worked diligently to make Screven a place residents are really proud to call home. But Mayor isn’t his only title. Father and husband is his favorite. He is father to 5 beautiful daughters that keep him moving. 23-year-old Reagan was majorette at the University of Troy, so weekend trips to Alabama during football season were always a top priority. 2-20-year-olds, Mallory (currently in nursing school in CT) and Autumn (a member of management for GNC) ,16-year-old Emilee and 15-year-old Jaylee, both athletes at Wayne County High, also keep him on the go and on his toes. He and his loving wife Kelly have truly shown the battle of adversity loosing their 21 year old son to an auto accident on New Year’s Day in 2023. However, their 3 grandchildren have completely stolen their Papa and NoNo’s heart from now on. At the end of the day, Jason sums up life like this. “My favorite saying is ‘living a dream’. Because I feel like we’re all living a dream, it’s up to you how you live that dream, determining your final outcome.”